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Andrew: It’s interesting watching the maturity that Beckett has in this. In other episodes she would have run out into traffic after this guy with blinders on and ended up running off a roof like she did in ‘Always’. But there’s a maturity to her in this, much more tactical, much more emotionally detached. She wants to take this guy down, but she wants to do it in a smart way. It’s part of her arc of growth.

David: She’s not really willing to throw her life away anymore. So it’s a simple and clear way to express that.

Rob: Look at the guy, the hand, decision time. Not gonna run off a roof anymore.

Andrew Marlowe, David Aman, Rob Bowman episode commentary

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You're an amazing man, and I love you with all of my heart. Always.

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6/10 favourite actresses > ♡ stana katic
❝ Acting was always the focus. It’s weird, I was asked as a little kid by friends, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ I think I was four years old and I said, ‘I want to be an actress.’ I always knew. ❞


Castle au —> Kate Beckett as Batman.

SKBr - The TV Junkies: Em busca da verdade na premiere de “Castle”

A temporada de estreias está chegando e, depois do finale chocante da temporada passada de “Castle”, o hiatus foi recheado de reações variadas e de especulações dos fãs da série de sucesso da ABC. Com a estréia da 7ª temporada daqui uma semana, os fãs logo terão as respostas de suas p…

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O que vc nos aconselha quando formos assistir à premiere?

Um saco de papel pra respirar dentro, uma caixa de lenços pra secar as lágrimas, e Neosaldina pra dor de cabeça depois.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [2/5] Favourite Female Characters:

                        Kate Beckett, Castle.

"Even on the worst days, there’s still a possibly of j o y.”

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